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Quick Facts About Our Provider

  • Dr. Dissanayake, or Dr. D (as he likes to be called), was born in Sri Lanka and studied medicine at People’s Friendship University in Moscow, Russia in 1979.
  • Dr. Dissanayake likes to educate his patients with examples of how advances in medical sciences have helped humankind.
  • Dr. Dissanayake is trilingual (English, Sinhalese, and Russian)
  • Dr. Dissanayake cares deeply about both human rights and animal rights and has pets at home. He also likes ballroom dancing, music and gardening.

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Caring Environment

At Thurston Medical Clinic, we provide a professional and caring medical environment for all families in Springfield, Oregon. Whether it’s your very first visit to our office or just a routine wellness visit, we strive to be the best medical clinic in Springfield, Oregon.

From Our Family to Yours

Our Praxis family approach starts by putting patients and families at the forefront in providing exceptional patient care. Our physicians take the time to listen and understand your specific needs. We equip you with the knowledge necessary for promoting a life of optimal health and wellness.

We’re Here For You For a Lifetime

We want to be lifelong partners in your health & well-being. We believe exceptional care is obtained when there is an ongoing relationship with your doctor, where we whole-heartedly address any questions or concerns, with the end goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Team-based Care

We are a team of mission-driven physicians, employees and administrators — with the best minds and biggest hearts — to help ensure the safest, highest quality care for our patients. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff works hard from the first contact to make every visit to our office positive.

Compassionate Care

When you choose Thurston Medical Clinic, you can feel confident that you are connected with a knowledgeable, compassionate doctor who has dedicated their career to health care. Our general care physicians take great pride in providing quality care to families in Springfield, Oregon and provide additional wellness services such as counseling, nutritional guidelines, and weight management tips.

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Magha Dissanayake, MD Accepting New Patients

Magha Dissanayake, MD

Faith in Science allows us to make logical interpretations of events to make the world better and peaceful.

– Magha Dissanayake, MD